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A Gold Medal and Best in Show!

I was completely thrilled and very surprised to be awarded a Gold Medal and Best in Show for my Himalayan Garden in support of The Gurkha Welfare Trust last week. It is finally sinking in.

My support team (lovely family and friends) worked tirelessly in temperatures of 30º for four days, creating the garden, which was described by judge Chris Beardshaw as being 'very fresh, tranquil and very light.' Amazing, considering it was constructed in a heatwave.

The comments from the judges could not have been better - Chris Beardshaw also said, "It really is a lovely piece of planting design as well as being a super piece of conceptual design."

The atmosphere at The Sandringham Flower Show is incredibly friendly and relaxed. All the other exhibitors were lovely and there was a great camaraderie between us all, as well as the enormous team of Sandringham volunteers. Woodgate Nurseries' fabulous garden inspired by the great storm of 1987 was my favourite.

Some numbers: We planted 353 plants in 4 days and handed out 984 leaflets promoting The Gurkha Welfare Trust. We had hundreds of visitors to the garden including one QGOO (Queen's Gurkha Orderly Officer) and 7 Gurkha Veterans. And one hot dog.

Below: Woodgate Nurseries' beautiful garden, inspired by the 1987 storm, in the floral marquee.